Tuesday, December 18, 2012



C-LIM also along with Cuzzalo INK & C-Walk Music are proud to present collectively the first official newsletter keeping you up to date on the latest news from C-LIM’s investments and the entrepreneurships of C-walk Music & Cuzzalo INK.

In 2011 & 2012 we have seen many accomplishments and announcements from both the C-walk Music record label & Cuzzalo INK.

Recapping some of the past few events, in regards to C-walk Music C-LIM created a website (www.realclim.com) and has released over six mix-tapes both with hard copy & digital distribution available. Along with these releases one of the most significant facts is that C-LIM had pressed up all of his mix-tapes with the exception of one album and also gave theses albums away for free to his fans, while also giving them the opportunity to pre-order certain mix-tape releases and receive autographed albums and merchandise with their pre-order purchase. You can find all of C-walk Music’s releases either on iTunes or on certain free download sites. C-LIM had also signed a digital distribution with “RBC Distribution” C-LIM along with his record label also acquired the assistance of marketing and promotion with the help of an independent company by the name of: Crew Marketing Promotions. (C.M.P.) (www.crewmarketingpromotions.com) Together both C-walk Music and C.M.P. created a hard-working street team by the name of: “TEAM C-LIM” (C-WALK Soldiers)

In November of 2011, C-LIM in association with recording artist: “Lil Danger” released “Bang Status”. Shortly after the release of the album, the artist: Lil Danger was arrested on suspected charges of murder. To help out his family and raise funds for his release and legal finances, C-LIM started the “Free Lil Danger” fundraiser where people could donate through C-LIM’s website to help.

Following these significant events C-LIM has also signed two artists to his C-walk Music record label: “Sunny Boy” and the most recent artist “GHO5T”.

Sunny Boy also has released his self-titled debut album this past year in May of 2012. We will see a release from GHO5T in 2013 and the buzz around GHO5T continues to grow as people wonder what he can bring to the table.

C-LIM with his C-Walk Music has even been hosting mix-tapes and producing music on the growing Cuzzalo movement with release of: C-LIM Presents: The Underground Takeover Vol. 2. (Rise of the Cuzzalos)

C-LIM has kept the momentum continually growing with C-Walk Music and has still had time to invest in other capital ventures like his growing: “Cuzzalo INK”. A company specializing in customized masks and premium branded clothing.

Cuzzalo INK offers clients and customers alike to purchase customized and personalized masks, Cuzzalo INK branded clothing, or premium latex masks of the company’s very own creation specifically called the “RIP SKIN” series or line of masks.

Cuzzalo INK first got its major notice with a product placement feature by Brotha Lynch Hung of Sac. CA. in E-40’s “ZOMBIE” music video who also features: Tech N9ne & Kung Fu Vampire.

Prior to this Cuzzalo INK commissioned another mask company called: “Down River Killers” which was a previously established company in the mask creation field of work, receiving an advertisement in Kansas City’s GRID MAGAZINE, as well as going international acquiring new accounts and a company in the United Kingdom to sell Cuzzalo INK merchandise “DEJA VUDOO”.

In building the Cuzzalo INK Empire C-LIM also has allowed for company investors to purchase stock and invest in the company’s future and products.

Cuzzalo INK has also purchased a storefront property where clients and customers alike can see Cuzzalo INK at work. The building’s interior has a sight like no other including custom made display cases and more. For people outside of the Cuzzalo INK store they can visit and order online at: (www.cuzzaloink.com)

With building an already growing and established fan base of customers and fans rightfully called “Cuzzalos” starting up chapters and street teams all across the country from New York to Sacramento California and even expanding globally and internationally.

 The momentum C-LIM and his crew have built seems to not be slowing down anytime soon.  Gaining attention Cuzzalo INK also referred to as “DA INK” or “WE DA INK” has also grown their celebrity fan base. Receiving notoriety and public attention from TECH N9NE creating him and the artists over at Strange Music Inc. one of a kind custom masks. In response Tech N9ne had shared the mask to his fans and showed just what kind of detail Cuzzalo INK can do with a roster of employees and fabricators. 

On this growing list of celebrities Cuzzalo INK has made masks for: “CROOKED I” of Slaughterhouse, Psychopathic recording artists: “TWIZTID” additional artists include “BONE THUGS & HARMONY” “HOPSIN” and “SNOOP DOGG”




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This December 2012 Cuzzalo INK celebrates another milestone in business selling over 200 Masks.